Planning & Sizing

When planning a special event, choosing an appropriate size, configuration, style of structure, and site considerations are all important considerations. You can use this information to plan a spectacular event or you can allow us to assist you in planning the perfect tent event.

Albuquerque Tent’s experienced consultants will assist and advise you on space requirements, square footage needs, and desirable options. All relevant accessories are available to make the interior of your tent perfect for your event.

Tent Capacity Allowances

Stand-Up Cocktail Party 5-10 sq. ft. / person
Theather Sytle Seating 5-10 sq. ft. / person
Buffet Dinner 10-12 sq. ft. / person
Served Dinner 12-15 sq. ft. / person
Dance Floor 2-4 sq. ft. / person
Band 4-6 Piece 200-300 sq. ft.

Site Survey

The Site survey is an important part of planning a large outdoor tent event. We can help determine if the area available or your event is suitable and appropriate for the number of guests attending. Before a tent can be erected, the following conditions must he determined:

Location: The minimum area required for a frame tent is 8’ longer and wider then the actual dimensions. This allows 4’ around the perimeter for staking.

Underground: It is the renters’ responsibility to locate and mark all possible underground utilities that could be in the tent installation area. Utilities could include water, electric, sprinkler, telephone/communication, sewage w/ septic tank, etc.

Overhead: Visually check the specified area for any obstructions (Tree limbs, power and phone lines, etc.) that could he in the area of installation.

Surface: Ground surface is also important in determining the proper type of anchor. Depending on ground surface, stakes, water barrels, anchors and/or concrete blocks may be used.

Frame tents are professionally installed by our trained staff. All care is taken to protect your property during the installation and removal process.


Tent Services & Equipment

Pole Wraps Liners Solid Sidewall
Marquee Walkways Band Stage Clear Sidewall
Dance Floor Carpeting Window Sidewall
Lighting Flooring Mesh Sidewall
Temporary Electrical Heating A/C Service