Policies & Procedures

RENTAL RATES published in this guide are based on a one-day use of the equipment.  Equipment rented at this rate should be picked up on the day of its use and returned promptly the day after its use.  Special arrangements must be made if you desire to have the equipment that is to have multiple one or greater than one-day use.  Rental equipment that is returned after the contract dates will be assessed a late charge.

PAYMENT OF RENTAL FEES will be required upon delivery of equipment.  Advance deposits are required to receive rental equipment and also allow us to have it checked and packed in time for your pick-up or delivery.  However, if you suddenly realize you are in need of a certain item, phone and we will service you as quickly as possible.

DEPOSITS are required on customer pickup of all rental equipment.  The amount of deposit varies depending on the type of item(s) being rented and the size of the order. The deposit will be refunded to you upon return of the equipment in good order and properly cleaned.

REPLACEMENT COSTS OR REPAIR CHARGES will be assessed on any equipment lost or damaged by the customer.  Please count and check all equipment with the rental company employee upon receiving the equipment.  If you or an authorized individual are not able to be available to receive rental equipment, the initialed contract of the rental employee will be considered an accurate and valid count of the equipment listed on the contract.  Please make sure all equipment is handled and secured properly.

EQUIPMENT MALFUNCTION should be brought to our attention immediately.  All equipment that you rent should be in good operational order and properly sanitized for immediate use.  If for some reason the equipment you have obtained from us does not meet our high standards we will make every attempt to rectify the problem immediately.